Xpeditor™ Program Details


Xpeditor™ Program Details

G.Loomis Xpeditor: a paid service that allows you to replace a broken rod expediently and without question.
Cost: Consumer cost will be 50%of AUD MSRP per rod.
: Only available for inline production rods, excludes discontinued models, all blanks and all push poles.
There are two ways to request Xpedite Service: 1) is the preferred method.

1) Return the broken rod to your nearest G-Loomis stockist and they will forward the decal section of the rod to G-Loomis Australia. Once the decal section is received if the rod is in stock it will be shipped within 7 days, if the rod has to be specially ordered from the U.S.A it may take 2 to 10 weeks depending on production.

2) Option two is to cut the decal section of the rod out and forward it to 2 Wurrook Circuit Caringbah NSW2229 NSW Attn: Xpeditor.
Please include current address for shipping and phone number for contact regarding payment.
Once payment has been actioned the rod will be shipped within 7 days, if in the case the rod needs to be specially ordered from the U.S.A it may take 2 to 10 weeks.

: only available for current inline production rods made after 2008.
: cost of tip section will be $180.00 for GLX models and $140.00 for all other models excluding GLX.
:to order tip section please contact Shimano Australia Fishing Pty Ltd 02 9533 0000.
please note: tip sections are specially ordered once a month from the factory and can take 4 to 12 weeks depending on production.

Please Note: When using this service, if the rod you are receiving as a replacement is out of stock there will be a delay in shipping out your Xpeditor package.

Xpeditor Documents for Canada