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Dropshotting is a special technique for fishing very precise areas near drop-offs, creek bends or specific cover. It allows you to concentrate your efforts in those areas. With a weight at the end of the mainline and hook & bait tied on a few inches above the weight, it's difficult for the fish to ignore. Having that bait (finesse worm, tube or creature) sitting up off the bottom, wiggling enticingly, makes catching aggressive easy. The neutral fish bite in spite of their mood... they just can't help it! GL2 dropshot rods are sensitive with a soft tip to keep the fish from feeling too much resistance. They have a relatively stiff butt-section that allows you to just lift the rod for a positive hookup. They feature split-grip configuration with a unique reel seat that's as comfortable as it is functional. They are designed to do three things... fish the rig effectively, hook the fish easily and fight the fish correctly. Get your camera ready!!
Item # Model Number Rod Length Handle Pieces Line Weight Lure Weight Power Action
11992-01 GL2 821S DSR 6' 10" D 1 5 - 10 1/8 - 7/16 Mag-Light Ex-Fast
11993-01 GL2 822S DSR 6' 10" D 1 6 - 12 3/16 - 1/2 Mag-Medium Ex-Fast