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Flyfishing for trout is a mystical, almost spiritual event for many anglers. We put a bit of that spirit, along with a little of the mystique into each one of our fly rods. It's not always about catching the biggest or the most or in some cases, catching any fish at all, because for some, catching fish is a bonus. The feeling of peace and serenity we experience on the water is something we all love about fishing. It's being in the mountains and the valleys, surrounded by all that is beautiful in nature. It's the experience of making a nice loop or the satisfaction of a delicate presentation that fulfills a need deep in our souls. It's the expectation and exhilaration of watching a small dry fly floating high on the water as it makes it way through the likely feeding station of a big rainbow. It truly is a "dance on water" and it's what inspired us to create the StreamDance Series. We ventured down a new path cosmetically with these rods - shifting from the stark look of technology, embracing the beauty and spirit of what we know is truly the essence of flyfishing. We added subtle colors to mirror the memories in our mind's eye of the streamside experience. We added a unique "yin-yang" design cutout in our reel seat, with a beautiful wood insert made of California Buckeye Burl and the highest grade of species cork available to complete the handle. We added the magic of Steve Rajeff's intimate understanding of blank design and GLX, along with the lightest, most durable guides in the industry to complete a true work of art we call StreamDance. We're confident you'll like what you feel!
Item # Model Number Rod Length Handle Pieces Line Weight Power Taper
11388-01 FR 993-3 SD GLX 8' 3" A 4 3 Medium Stiff Moderate Fast
11389-01 FR 1024-4 SD GLX 8' 6" A 4 4 Medium Stiff Fast
11391-01 FR 1084-4 SD GLX 9' A 4 4 Medium Stiff Fast
11390-01 FR 1025-4 SD GLX 8' 6" A 4 5 Medium Stiff Fast
11392-01 FR 1085-4 SD GLX 9' B 4 5 Medium Stiff Fast
11393-01 FR 1086-4 SD GLX 9' B 4 6 Medium Stiff Fast
11395-01 FR 1146-4 SD GLX 9' 6" C 4 6 Medium Stiff Fast
11430-01 FR 1206-4 SD GLX 10' C 4 6 Medium Stiff Fast
11429-01 FR 1205-4 SD GLX 10' B 4 5 Medium Stiff Fast