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Anglers looking for the flexibility of executing multiple casting styles with one rod will appreciate this unique collection of GLX 11-footers. Even though you can cast them single-hand, most anglers choose to fish them two-hand style. You can fish for trout, small salmon or steelhead with ability to "switch" techniques quickly and efficiently. These rods are rated for standard, single-hand lines as well as Skagit and Scandi-style lines, but whichever system you choose, you'll find these beauties a dream to cast and able to handle even the biggest finny surprise! Light, accurate and powerful... a great combination for any angler.
Item # Model Length Handle Pieces Line Weight Scandi Grams/ Grains Skagit Grams/ Grains Taper Powe
11740-01 FR 1325-4 Switch GLX 11' C 4 5 21g/320 gr 22 g/350gr Moderate Fast Medium Stiff
11741-01 FR 1327-4 Switch GLX 11' C 4 7 26 g/400 gr 28 g/450 gr Moderate Fast Medium Stiff
11742-01 FR1328-4 Switch GLX 11' C 4 8 28 g/440 gr 32 g/500 gr Medium Stiff Med Fast