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If you're looking for a less expensive two-hand fly rod, the PRO4x Switch rods are just what the doctor ordered. We took advantage of our NRX taper designs; blended in the right materials to reduce weight, especially in the tip, and put the power where you want it to create a very nice performing, great looking fly rod. There's a PRO4x option for any species you want to catch. Whether you fish for trout, small salmon or steelhead these rods have you covered. They are all rated for standard fly lines as well as Skagit or Scandi-style lines, giving you plenty of options at a great price! Quick, accurate, moderate-tapers create long casts, providing excellent line and fly control throughout the swing.
Item # Model Length Handle Pieces Line Weight Scandi Grams/ Grains Skagit Grams/ Grains Taper Power
12284-01 PRO 4X 1265-4 FR 10' 6" A 4 5 21 grams/320 grains 23 grams/350 grains Moderate Fast Medium Stiff
12285-01 PRO 4X 1327-4 FR 11' B 4 7 25 grams/380 grains 27 grams/420 grains Moderate Fast Medium Stiff
12286-01 PRO 4X 1389-4 FR 11' 6" B 4 9 30 grams/460 grains 34 grams/520 grains Moderate Fast Medium Stiff