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Big baits mean big bass - two very good reasons why we developed our GL2 series of swimbait rods. We’ve teamed up with the experts, learned from their experiences, shared their secrets and digested what they expect for the ultimate in a swimbait rod. These GL2 rods are made with every little nuance the experts thought would make a better fishing tool. They are designed to fish soft and hard plastic swimbaits for really big bass. We make our rear grips extra long so you can tuck the rod butt under your arm and the extra length provides incredible leverage to improve casting distance and control, not to mention handling the big bass you’ll be catching. Split grips, Fuji reel seats and guides with strong, dynamic and powerful blanks. Fish On!!!
Item # Model Number Rod Length Handle Pieces Line Weight Lure Weight Power Action
11973-01 GL2 956C SWB 7' 11" D 1 25 - 45 braid 3 - 8 Heavy Mod-Fast
11974-01 GL2 957C SWB 7' 11" D 1 25 - 60 braid 4 - 10 Ex-Heavy Mod-Fast